Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes does it fit?

One size is fully adjustable to fit Adult Small to 3XL.

How does it work?

The Dream Sling takes advantage of the weight of your arms to help support your head. The arm sling provides the constant force to keep the pillow snug, at the same time holding your arms like an armrest. Because it provides the armrest you can use it in any seated position.

Is it easy to put on?

Yes, there is instructions on the packaging.

Quick tip, put it on like a shoulder sash around the back with the logo and buckle in front of you.

Tighten and loosen via the buckle strap.

Where can I use the Dream Sling?

Air travel, bus, car, train, office, home chair, movies, sports games, outdoors, fishing, hunting, military deployment, waiting in line for tickets, overnight stay at the hospital, sleep in car if you arrive to work early, help stroke victims, etc… Please share how you use your Dream Sling with us so we can post and share it.

How can I carry it?

The buckle and sling is easy to wrap around luggage or carry on. Or one can carry over the shoulder like a bag. It doesn’t count as a carry on. (We are adding a drawstring bag in the near future).

Is it machine washable? hot or cold water?

Yes, Warm or Cold water.

Unzip and remove microbead bladder from cover/sling before washing. Use laundry bag.

Do Not Wash or machine dry Microbead bladder. If it gets wet make sure it’s thoroughly dry.

Recommend line dry. Fabric is Nylon Spandex/Polyester Cotton

My pillow got wet, can I use the dryer?

Use cool-air settings on dryer for microbeads. Recommend laundry bag.

Can two people use one pillow at the same time?

No, unless the person next to you leans on the person using it.

Can I use the pillow on the back of my head instead of the left or right side?

Adjust pillow to back if you desire by shifting/rotating it.

How long does USA shipping take?

Priority Mail 3-7 days

How long does International shipping take?

First Class International Mail 10-20 days.

Do you offer refunds and free shipping returns?

We offer full refunds for manufacturing defects.

You may return an unused/unopened product and will receive full refund upon inspection.

Does it have a warranty for defects?

Yes, please notify us within 30 days for any manufacturing defects and we will send a replacement.