Dream Sling #1 Most Comfortable Neck Pillow

Best Neck Pillow for Hospital Visits

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Stay with your Loved One

You need rest as well

They Care too

Your loved one cares too and want you to get rest as well

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One Size
Fits All Adults

Micro beads


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Customer reviews

"PONO" Galisa - Honolulu, HI

"The first time I tried the Dream Sling was at a trade show in Honolulu & immediately I knew it was special so I bought 2! I am a frequent traveler and I have used many different travel pillows over the years. The size, the design and the over all functionality of the Dream Sling worked perfectly for me on an 8hr flight from Honolulu to Japan. I used it on the bullet train and the tour bus and even in the hotel bed! Through multiple trips to the U.S. Continent & long waits at the airport gate this pillow has proven to be very convenient & durable. And now I even use it in the comfort of my own home while watching a movie or just resting on the couch. The Dream Sling is by far the best travel pillow I have ever used & I highly recommend giving it a try!"

Audrey W. - Los Angeles, CA

"At first glance, I could not imagine how this travel pillow was going to be any different from other travel pillows. I fly cross-country frequently and the Dream Sling has vastly improved the quality of that travel time.  No more armrest wars. The sling supports my arms while the weight of my arms supports the pillow and its position. Genius. I love it. Also, it made holiday gift-shopping a breeze."