Dream Sling

The Best Travel Pillow! Holds your arms and supports your head!

Airline Sumo Sandwich

Solves the Middle-seat Issue
3 Comforts in One
Head, Arms, & Leaning Comfort

Stay with your loved ones

Hospital Visits
Long Flights

No window seat needed. Keeps you centered and provides leaning support! Armrest solved!


Sleep Anywhere
Invented in Hawaii

The World's First Sling Pillow - The Dream Sling is the first travel pillow with an arm-sling that uses the weight of your arms to hold the pillow in place and support your head for lasting sleep. Unlike other travel pillows that sag or shift, the weight of your arms provides constant head support. Multi-patented.

Power Nap

Provides the armrest for any upright chair. Air, Car, Bus, Train, Office, Hiking, Camping, Hunting, Sporting Events, Black Friday, Concert ticket lines, Hospital Loved One Visits, Wheelchair, Movies, Overnight Study At Library, Military Deployment, Medical Community.

Instructional Video


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