Answer the whistle calling in the distance

Answer the whistle calling in the distance
As temperatures drop, so do travel prices.  This ignites the travel bug in many who wish to experience popular, or sometimes off the beaten path, travel destinations without having to fight the lines, hoards of tourists, or the unforgiving heat.  For many, a trip through Europe becomes less of a dream and more of a reality.

A better way to travel

  Because so many European countries are in such close proximity to the next, you can experience a dizzying variety of cultures, languages, rich foods,  and natural beauty requiring often the same amount of time it would take to drive between states. 
  One of the best ways to see these fascinating landscapes is to take full advantage of the railway system that efficiently navigates through the European continent.  One of these options is  They provide train passes to travel through up to 31 countries.

Take in a different view

  Train travel is ideal for travel through Europe for many reasons.  Avoiding the stress of trying to drive through congested cities, reading signs and following laws that are often not in a language easily understood, and finding parking in popular destinations.  There are countries that have strict driving laws that prohibit the entrance to the historical districts of many cities without the proper authorization, penalties coming at a stiff cost to the errant driver. 
  Train travel affords a beautiful way to see the back country of so many destinations versus the typical Freeway views common to most cities in the world.  You often will get an intimate view of local life lived outside the confines of the typical tourist destinations.

Find your relaxation

  This type of travel also provides some very important downtime, where you can indulge in your favorite book, listen to the latest podcast episode you’ve been following,  do some journalism, catch up on correspondence to the less fortunate loved ones back home, or sketch the landscape around you. This is also the perfect time to level out any remaining jet lag or indulge in that post wine at lunch nap.  Products like the dream sling, provide the ideal environment to close your eyes and slip into a restful slumber while sitting upright, without having to sacrifice time looking for or spending more money on a horizontal surface.  It’s patented design uses soft microbeads in a semi crescent shaped neck pillow that has a detachable padded sling to allow you to rest your forearms across your body,  allowing gravity to naturally hold the pillow in place, supporting your neck, while providing tensionless support for your arms.  Imagine waking from a nap and finding yourself without the usual numb limbs, or kink in your neck, ready to take on the brand-new landscape before you.  It is lightweight and with its detachable straps, is ideal to pack inside your bag or hang it on the outside.  It will become your favorite travel companion.

Time to go

  So what is there to wait for?  The crisp air, warm pastry, fresh coffee or tea, and golden hues of autumn are awaiting your indulgence.  Take the time to slow down, disconnect from the noise and be transported to another world.